Tea Tasting

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Tea Tasting Time. Now, I am not an expert on teas. Like most Americans, I drink a lot of iced tea. I also drink a lot of tea brewed from the Keurig. Twinings English Breakfast. I like it. Recently, however, I have been branching out, drinking more hot, loose-leaf teas. Without further ado, I give you today’s selection.

The tea on the left is Darjeeling puttabong summer.  It is supposed to have sweet white grape or desert wine fragrance, slightly earthy, and smooth, sweet-tangy flavor with a more gentle astringency than typical for these teas. Straight from Adagio’s website (formatting to come later).

The tea on the right is a Rooibos Vanilla Chai. This is a blend of Rooibos vanilla, ginger, cardamon, cloves, and cinnamon pieces.  It is an herbal tea, so there’s no actual tea in this tea.

I had the tea on the left, and my wife had the tea on the right. I liked mine, but it is not something I want to drink everyday. Same goes for my wife on this tea, although I think she liked it less than I did.

Next up is the tea on the right, the Rooibos. My wife loves chai, and she liked this blend quite a lot. She said that she “would totally get that again.” Me, not so much.

So, it’s back to the proverbial drawing board. Next time, two entirely new teas will be tasted.


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