The Tea Chronicles: ICE Edition


Yesterday, I went to the Independent Craft Experience, at the Georgia Freight Depot. One of the booths, I’m happy to report, was KTeas. There was a wonderful selection of teas, and the host and hostess were spreading their love of tea. I spoke with the hostess and smelled and tasted some of the offerings.  Sorry, I didn’t get her name at the time, but a quick consultation with the oracle produces the name Katie (KTeas).

I picked up the Moroccan Mint and the Arnold Palmer.  I tasted the Arnold Palmer at ICE, and thought the Moroccan Mint would be good, as well, so I bought both. After steeping, the Moroccan Mint was very good. Maybe a little blank after the taste of mint..

The Arnold Palmer, which I tasted, was a bit different. Maybe I steeped it a bit too long.  The tea is composed of black tea, lemon peel, and lemon grass.  I am going to try again this morning and I will update.

Check out their website, easily found by entering the name in the oracle. They offer some other types of teas, and I just bought Iron Goddess of Mercy, which I first had at Roebling Tea Room in Brooklyn. I am excited to taste this again. I will definitely post my thoughts on that!


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