The Tea Chronicles: Teavana

The Tea Chronicles

Triumph! Success! Triomphe! Wunderbar!

Well, for me, at any rate. I’ve finished my Teavana Journey across the Metro Atlanta area. Last stop was at the Mall of Georiga. Long drive. My EV was at 18% by the time we made it there, but the mall has charging stations (so awesome)!

Along the way, I talked to some very knowledgeable people, both in terms of Teavana and tea outside of the company (I’m looking at you Justin from Perimeter!). I even had an interview! Unfortunately, my current job schedule would not allow for me to be hired, but it was an excellent opportunity to pick the brains of the Phipps store manager and ASM.

Least favourite store: Town Center

Seemed like it was all about quotas there…

To be fair, I’ve only been there once.  Kelley, which was your least favourite?

Favourite store: Perimeter

Every person I have spoken with there seems to have deep knowledge of tea, and a willingness to share that knowledge(not just for the pushing of a sales goal. I know that is the ultimate desire, but it has never been presented as such).

Really, I’ve had a blast on this journey. Augusta is the last store in GA, so that will have to happen. Going to Austin in Oct, so hoping there will be one nearby!

Anyway, it’s Matcha Monday pour moi, so time to enjoy! Have a good day!


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