Matcha Challenge…Accepted!

Okay. Not so much a challenge as in I challenge you to a game of Trivia Crack or Trivial Pursuit or Candyland or Skip Bo. Rather, this is more of a — let’s test what I believe to be a chocolate kiss (re: poop emoji) — claim. See, we were in a Teavana in Augusta. One of the women working told me that she lost 15 pounds in one month by drinking 3 cups of matcha everyday, while not changing eating habits.  Hmmm…so Challenge accepted. We (Egg and myself) started a couple of days ago (the 11th) by drinking two cups a day. We’ll have to work our way up because, honestly, both of us are not fond of the taste of matcha. I figure that with all of this drinking, I will end up appreciating it more. So, this is two-fold for me.  1). Challenge the statement above and 2). Increase my awareness and working to understand and appreciate what is a major drink in the tea world.

So, like I said, we have been having two cups of matcha a day. Egg says that she finds the effects of drinking matcha keenly. She gets a slight headache or tummy issues about 30 minutes after drinking. She is extremely sensitive to all kinds of pharmacological effects so it makes sense that she should immediately feel something; considering she went from zero to two rather quickly.

Anyway, as to the rather dubious claims that 3 cups of matcha alone caused a reduction in weight to the tune of 15lbs in one month – well, we’ll see about that. I do not believe it, at all. I would like to be proven wrong, but I don’t think that is going to happen. Don’t get me wrong, I am not discounting the benefits of matcha. I just don’t believe this 15 pound story.

Welp, gotta go sip some green stuff.

Until next time, sip slowly and enjoy your day!


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