But…it’s 3$ a popsicle!!! You can get 2 boxes of slushy pops for that price! Fancy ass popsicle!!

Yeah…these are the truth, as far as Popsicles are concerned. We had our first taste at the Old Fourth Ward Arts Festival. Raspberry Lime was the first one Kelley tried. Mine was Fresh Peach.

Like any addiction, whether it be coke or heroin or alcohol or  popsicles,  it started with that first taste. We thought we could control it. One here, one there…

Over 100$ in 1.5 months later, the vein has been truly tapped. Spiked, we are chasing the dragon. But these yummy treats are extraordinary! I urge everyone to try these popsicles; at your own risk, of course. I cannot, and will not be responsible for the cracked out craziness that ensues. If, in a month or two, you cannot pay your mortgage or rent, do not expect sympathy from me! You’ve been warned.

I will join you in the debauchery, however; we can push on through until the bitter end.



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