Las Cafeteras

So, along with matcha, another one of my morning obsessions is this video from KEXP (check out their youtube page) featuring Las Cafeteras!  Four great songs and some interesting commentary from the band make this a great way to spend half an hour.

Something about the song Luna Lovers that immediately hooked me. The song starts at 19:12, and at 22:11 I swear she is pulling the feels out of me with her voice! Great weapon!   The other three songs (El Chuchumbe, Ya Me Voy, and La Bamba Rebelde) are excellent, as well!! Ya Me Voy, in particular.

repeat.  Repeat. REPEAT!!!!!!

yeah, i like it…

p.s. I’ve identified the true nature of her witchcraft! her sorcery! A strong current of hoodoo! It begins at 22:40 but cannot be contained and flows throughout; therefore – YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!


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