The Tea Chronicles – 4 AM Style

4AM fun time! One of the minor joys of not being able to sleep very long…

Mornings have become my favorite time of day! Not 10:00 in the morning, no! But 5AM? C’est Magnifique!

Maybe I will wake Kelley up –

Well, I value my life so…nope.

As for the tea, I am working on 3 cups, currently. 1) Matcha – done and dispatched. 2) A blend of JavaVana from Teavana and some Cream Earl Grey from Capital Teas;  3) A blend of  Gunpowder from Adagio and Zen from Tazo. It has green tea, lemongrass, and spearmint, and is surprisingly good.

Well friends, time to get some writing done. Until next time, sip slowly!


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