I’ve been more active this year than most. I attribute that to being healthy for quite
possibly the first time in 20 years! Yes! Two fucking decades of feeling pretty miserable.

Since my birthday, I’ve been experiencing this desire, this consuming need to experience, to taste, to revel in and to revealed in all that the season has to offer. Inspired by, though certainly not at first blush, Lorelai, I divide my year up thusly:  Autumnwinter  and the rest of the miserable year. HAHAHAHAHA!!! Really though, it takes me about 3 weeks into Spring before I’m like, yeah, time to get outside. Summer – fuggitaboutit!  But wow, this year, Autumnwinter has been like some obnoxious little kid constantly tugging at my shirt and asking the same annoying question over and over and…

But Autumnwinter,  you are the best!  And I’m overjoyed that you’ve decided to start the tugging and question-asking early. And now you’re in full throttle, and I’m overwhelmed, and I feel this is exactly how it should be!



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