Chronic Disease Diaries

Chronic diseases are…annoying, mean-spirited devils:  agents of Satan, and all that.  I have been in remission for the last 2.33 years.  A wonderful time. So great, in fact, that I forgot that I had a chronic disease. Ok, I didn’t really forget, hahahajajaja!! Nobody forgets this kind of shit. What I mean is that in those many months free of all major symptoms, of being able to go where I want, to do what I want, without fear of repercussion for poor planning. Yeah I forgot the many, many months that I couldn’t walk up a flights of stairs. I forgot the many Doc appointments, tests, needles. I forgot about hospital stays(rather, I attempted to block those memories). I forgot about pain, pain, pain all the time. I forgot how pain becomes your intimate companion; with you at all times through good, bad and worse.  And how pain makes you crazy. How you sometimes would do ANYTHING to stop the pain just for a few minutes.  Well, I think I may have drawn a decent picture. Anyway, welcome back to the world of active chronic disease. It is an absolute mind-fuck!!!!!


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