The crying jags have started again. No complete breakdowns, but all the little things are beginning to get to me. I shouldn’t complain, though. I opened myself up back in April. Since then, and slowly, I have noticed the tears streaming with an easiness that is a bit unnerving. Like, I could start crying at any time.

Also, I have been making super-quick connections, spending money I don’t have, buying RC’s.  I wonder….


Nah, not yet. I think I am still okay.


p.s. I have been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder multiple times. I’m still not sure it is correct. I mean, I don’t doubt that I get bipolar-like swings of emotion, that I can get reckless and wild and stop sleeping…oh wait, all that scheiße IS happening. I think it may be a tiny spiral, a slow-moving funnel cloud. Will it gather steam? Who knows? Right now, though, I am good. Got people watching out for me!


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