Sophia Suddenly Speaks

And I can’t seem to shut her up, which probably will cause me some major life problems.  If I can just get a grip on her for a bit…just reign things in a bit…

I need time. Just more time. And I am not ready physically, financially, or mentally(mmmmmkay, that is a crock of shit. Mentally and physically I may actually be ready. Follow the signs, brer rabbit). Fear. One day I will face Fear head on. I have already begun. There has been a change in me, a sea change. Or like a twig lodged in a damn. How can that tiny twig  create such a force of power when removed? And all the shit that little twig held back…hmmmmm…need to think. And that means I need to be in the woods. So until tomorrow, goodnight, good dreams, and manifest good things in your dreams. Always remember to water your garden.


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