I wonder

i think people think i am unwrapping…


certain conversations, certain actions….


I need to get everything together before they come to get me. I have a sneaking suspicion that forces are quietly gathering around me, working together to reign me in, so-to-speak.


What this means is another glamour. I (Sophia) am not going anywhere! Don’t you worry about that! Neither is that tea guy;).  But i sense that it has become necessary to raise the veil. This one will have to be a bit different, as this time I have no desire to disappear. Rather, I want to explode. I want to explode all of me: ideas, brains, perceptions, all of it.  Then quickly put it back together into a cohesive idea. There is too much I want to do. I don’t think I have wasted time. I think my time in the past has shaped my future…



like a small boat
on the ocean
sending big waves
into motion
like how a single word
can make a heart open
i’ve got only one match
but i can cause an explosion


damn, I wish I had written those words!  It is from a song, and truthfully, the song is okay.  Thankfully, the only words I heard were I’ve only got one match, but I can cause an explosion!  That was it!


more later…


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