Seed Sowing

Just a few words, and those cramped and confused.

But seed sowing is definitely on. There is always a problem when you open yourself. You are OPEN. and everything seems to explode around you. Okay. ME. Beautiful colors and word are breaking me down, moulding me into some other shape, then offering me for public consumption. I have been, at alternating times, a garden overflowing with fragrant, exotic blooms. Blooms filled with the nectar of the gods, that sweet sizzurp. It infects me and then allows me to speak throughit see I cannot keep htings in and i don’t wnat  i am going to let her explode like a cannon filled with red tulips and black roses you get me those colors dark and dank; jammy and concentrated. I am too full of flavour and it is seemingly seeping out of every single pore…and i am open and i am free and i am scared but i am me…for now.




wonder what this will sound like when i read it later?


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