Quick Crohn’s Update

Through the wacky Bipolar stuff, it seems the Crohn’s is behaving itself.  No crazy cramps, not much diarrhea, a somewhat improved desire to eat. I am still tired, but I bet this all has to do with Hurricane Katrandrilma . Three Hurricanes. Katrina, Andrew, and Wilma. My three hurricanes: Crohn’s, bipolar disorder, Gender Incongruence(replaces Gender Identity Disorder). What a fucking mess!!! But I guess the medical food stuff is doing its job.  So Crohn’s : check!  Now, to reign in the bipolar and the gid(easier to type than gender incongruence).  The Cimzia knocked out the reactive arthritis so now all I need is the injektofer to get some iron and I may be tiptop, hhahahahahahahah. I may never be tiptop, but you know what I mean!!!@\





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