S.O. Blues

For the remainder, it will just be SO so you may have to use your noggin a bit. SO is wonderful. Like,  really, excellent.

Buuuuuuuutttttt…she is not down with the trans thing. I don’t know though. Maybe, if I didn’t transition all the way. Transition – another wacky term best left for later.

But here’s the thing. She is open-minded, literate, calculating, empathetic, sympathetic, she kind of has all the boxes checked.  She is amazeballs. I guess, though, you never truly know if all the talk is truth until another truth confronts you head on. Then ideology gets thrown out the window, and you have to deal with the truth. And that is a hard pill to swallow. Then again,  as of our last discussion(years ago) she was pretty sure. Yay!! You’re trans! Congrats! I’m not a lesbian so we can’t be together. Bye.  Long and short of it. Yeah, there were tears and nashing of teeth, but the end result(as it often tends to be in these situations. it is usually 2/10 for SO staying after news like this) is that if I identify as a she then she can’t be with me because she don’t get down with she. Sux. But what, I wonder, if she was not all the time. In other words, I don’t think a complete transition is something I want. But there are things, and maybe an open dialogue may foster more acceptance.  It seems, on trans issues, SO has expanded her palate.  Maybe there has been a change? Prolly not. And I don’t want divorce, so I will work it out.


It’s got to be hard for SO. But SO should always know that it is SO that I love. Always.  Always will be.   ’til death do us part.


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