About this page

That originally started out about tea, was always going to meander as my mind wants to, as well.  Just a place to get stuff out. No particular order or length or style. Also, notice the many spelling and grammatical mistakes. I would normally crucify(mentally) whomever’s writing I was reading, if it read like mine. I realize the hypocritical nature of these actions. But here, this is my depository. It does not need to be perfectly groomed.  It will be beautiful when I feel beautiful. I will paint the sickness and decay of the world around me with words dripping with acid. Or not. Whatever comes to my mind at the time will flow through these fingers onto this page. And one day, I will look back, and see a life lived, slowly at first, then vivaciously, then at midtempo. Who knows, this page may follow me into the hospital, or the classroom, or I may just drop it now.

p.s. hopefully people will not connect the name of this page and another place I use the name. Hopefully, no one is as curious as me. Edit: Hopefully, the curious people don’t think like me. SO knows of the page but rarely checks it. I almost gave it away tonight but SO will find it in due time. As for others, one has asked and two know that I have a bloggy thing. I just don’t think they have found it yet. Well, I know they haven’t. Based on stats, and all.


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