I’m Out At Work!!!

HAHHHAHHAAAA!!!!  Im so evil, mainly to myself.  NO, Sofia is not out yet, Stuart still dominates those catwalks.

Circumstances, though, have made it so that I had to tell my boss about my bipolar disorder. They already knew about my Crohn’s, but not about the bipolar. I never trusted my 1st TL enough to tell him, slimey prick.  But my new TL, no prob.

Yeah, I’ve cracked a bit, again. I will have to find a therapist, preferably one who can deal with the GID too, and prescribe meds so I don’t have to fuck around with 50 docs.

So, I made it through  hours last night. I shouldn’t have even worked three hours. I was not in the right headspace. Did everything I could, byt my shell cracked enough for my yolk to come spilling out. No bueno!  I had to take some time off.  TIme to recoup, and find a therapist. Let the search begin!


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