Sing the Sun’s Return

This CD, Sing the Sun’s Return arrived today. I don’t remember how I came about it. Kickstarter, Indigogo, something like that. I took a chance, and this CD is AWESOME!!!!! I am tripping so hard off this song, Until the Dark Time Ends. What an amazing song, and apropos for my given situation. Beautiful Yule music. No standard christmas songs here. But these will indeed become classics in the LBC!  Got to give this to Friend and Friend 2. Friend 2 I think will dig this quite a lot. I am excited for them to here it!

Lynn and Will Rowan are the artists.  The CD has 15 songs, with titles such as: The Yule Feast, The Wild Hunt, The Boar’s Head is Armed Gay, and Until the Dark Time Ends. Nice packaging too. The CD book is recycled paper, with nice blues and whites. Perfect colors for me, as well. Also included is a Yule Songs songbook, with lyrics and music included so we can sing and play along. Friend 2, get your guitar!


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