1st Psychiatrist Visit

In Network.  That really should be all I need to say. Good guy, kind and all that. Put me back on meds, but didn’t mention anything about having to stop smoking weed! Perfect for me!

The issue, however, is when I asked him if he has worked with patients with GD before. His answer was yes, he has worked with several patients.  My jaw hit the floor so I picked it back up and asked if he could give examples of the work he has done with these patients, not wanting him to break and doc/client priv or anything.  So he says, “we all have issues regarding sexuality.” DING DING DING. Immediate big ole’ red flags.  I asked him how that relates to gender. He seemed to think I was picking apart his sentences, trying to make things difficult. No that is not it, doc. Obviously, you DO NOT have experience with people with GD or else you would know that gender and sexuality are two different things and have NOTHING to do with each other in this regard. Gender = mind  Sexuality = move on down a bit lower.  So, I am trans because my brain tells me I am trans. I like women.  Me liking women is my sexuality. That has nothing to do with my gender.  Am I going to be forced to educated everyone along this journey?  Because it will get tiresome very quickly.

Anyway, as I figured, this psych is good for the bipolar, but that is about it.  Thank the Goddess for Eli. I will see him tomorrow.  We’re going to have to come up with a plan to learn these docs up quickly.

In network docs are cheap though. 30$ copay. Eli is 150$ a session. But Eli is a specialist in an area sorely lacking specialists. He deserves the money.


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