Light Chasing

Yeah, when it comes to pictures, I like to chase the light. Especially in the woods. So many different shadows. So many thing you wouldn’t normally recognize as the Sun burns a path through the overgrowth and dead piles of branches. Not exactly sure what i”m looking for, or doing from a photography standpoint. But it feels right, and I 99% of the time go with my feeling. So, hopefully something good will come out of it. Shyte main, it already has. It is just another facet in my ever-blossoming creative creations.  I may not ever get that big novel out of me, or make something that revolutionizes the world, but I have been leaving parts of myself for a while now. Scribbled paragraphs left in returned library books.  Answers on FB that have nothing to do with the topic but a thought I had at the time.. This blog, my notebooks. Also, going to get a recorder and start knocking out some of these memories. I envision hundreds of pages that will give some excellent editor serious headaches and concerns for their mental health.

Anyway, just know that these bits of information contain my real thoughts. The poetry that runs through my veins will make it onto the pages too.  This poetry may not be beautiful; but yes, it will be beautiful becasue it will be extracted from my tears and my fears. It will offer up, for years, how to decipher my mind, to understand my internal motivation..lightchaser2light2


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