Gender Dysphoria BleusII

Who’s got dem daggone bleus? Not me!  You???  So today is a definite bigender day.  I feel all the manliness of Stuart with the emotions and a sidecar of mental Sofia. So today, I would definitely be wearing a dress with some killer hose, some clunky black boots, no blouse, but one of my regular shirts, and my rings. OOOHHHH!!!!  I forgot.  SO gave me a purrrttttyyyy ring a couple of days ago. It is  violet sparkly with czs or something around it. BUT  SHE GAVE IT TO ME!!!  That is very big.  Will be cautious. Right now I am in a year long ritual to align, open, and expand chakras 5, 6, and 7. She kno42 ws this and knows I wear a lot of blue indigo and violet colors. But she also gave me a very girly clear glass box to store my rings and jewelry in. This is still very big, and I am taking it as such. I’m violent tree frog right now, which happens to be a good thing. I am in a great mood. Meds have kicked in, but not fully. Everything is ramping down.  I am going to have to do a lot of writing in the coming months to try and capture this last year of my life.  It will not be a bestseller,  hahahahhhahahahahahhahaha. It won’t even be a seller. But for some people it will offer interesting look into how I lived year 42! 42!   lookitupifyoudon’tknownowyouknow!  Still rocking the hot tea. Mimi with a dash of  Willow again. Sipping slowly listening to this absolute jam by John Digweed. HOT!!!!!!


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