Quick Thought

It just occurred to me, while talking to Friend 2, that he may not know how to address me once I give him the key. So for everyone, for right now, meaning this date, 1/8/16, we are going to go based off of gender presentation. If I look like a guy, in other words, if I look like I normally look, then think guy. His/Him/He. If I am wearing a dress, skirt, skort, tights, anything like that, then think  girl. Sofia. She/Her/Hers. At this point, you will not be able to use my face, as I am not ready to shave, and don’t know that I will. Obvs, at some point I am going to have to shave, and this will be a painful process for both SO and myself. Myself, because I will look more like my dad, which is not bad at all – just not the direction I want to go. SO will def have a major problem. SO loves the facial hair, as do I. I only shave it off after an accident in shaving land. I absolutely hate shaving. I guess I will have to look into laser removal, if it doesn’t fuck up my skin. It’s 2016, there have to have been some advancements since the last time I looked at this stuff (2012)

But yeah, facial hair will still be there. Ears pierced, septum and will prob add two nose piercings(at least one). Don’t use make up. Want to learn. SO not ready to teach makeup 101. Easy to find info though. But not really ready. I suppose now is the best time to learn cover up when I still have beard growth. Add it to the list of things to start. No major Adams apple so won’t need a trach shave(like I could ever afford one anyway, hahahahahahaha!),  not worried about bewbs. If I statrt hrt, then that will be a concern. Really though, my clothing choices are going to be the giveaway. Some days will be confusing, and if you make a mistake, I will correct it, and we will keep on keeping on! Don’t be afraid to ask if I am presenting as Stuart or Sofia.

One thing, though. My mind mostly stays in Sofia mode. Unfortunately, what that means for me, is snarky twenty-something rebel riot goth grrl mode. Not unfortunately. FORTUNATElY!!! I love the way I think. Especially when I am off the icky meds. What all this means is that you are getting 85% Sofia 15% Stuart filtered through Stuart’s mouth.  There are days when I feel more of Stuart but not all that many, and this is not new, so don’t be alarmed or anything! Chill mother fucker, I said chill!!!!! My mind has been this way many years. It has taken many years to figure out, but it has been this way many years.

I actually have a friend, now Friend 3, who tried to hook me up with a guy back in the nineties. Maybe she picked up on something and thought: gay!  Nope, so sorry. Don’t like guys for lustful lovings and such. You know what? I don’t even know if Friend 3 was conscientiously trying to set me up. Some dealings with Friend 3 recently have left me wondering about my perception of the past vs. Friend 3’s.


p.s. Also think Lisa Bonet – awesome earth momma wrapped in a riotgothgrrl package.


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