An Email Circulating at Work

So this little pic has made the rounds at work. Excellent. Look, I am not one to poo poo on people fun parade, and in an extremely crude way, I can see how this might be construed as humorous but come on! I can see the humor but it is a long way away from me… It is the humor of a hetero-cis male and is crude on many many levels. But still, kinda funny. I’m not laughing, just acknowledging that from certain hetero cis male pov’s, that this is funny, Of course, since these same people will be making fun of me behind my back if there is ever a physical transition, I may as well get used to taking offense, then brushing it off as quickly as possible.  Joy of Joy, transitioning at work. Wow! What a can of worms…glad we’re taking this slowly. I wanted to speed things up, but am now beginning to fully realize what this will do – whether I physically transition or not – once the word gets out, I am going to have to deal with a whole  ‘noth*er level of b.s. And Darling SO, she will get all the looks and strange bullshit too.  Proceed very carefully, Sofia. Allow Stuart to hang around.

Trying to separate just where I would be thrown under the Trans* umbrella has become harder. Several years ago, I settled on bigender with more feminine leanings. I kinda think that still fits. As  of now, I have no desire for full medical transition. I wouldn’t call me a transvestite(if that’s even used anymore. Maybe crossdresser?) because I am not a guy who likes to dress up in women’s clothing for the sexual thrill of it. I am not a guy who likes to dress like a girl and fuck guys. Nope.  But sometimes, I feel all ragey and testorerone-y. Maybe that will die down if I start hrt? But more times than not, I feel like I have always felt. Not quite male, definitely female, but not 100% male. There are days I would present as Stuart and days I would present as Sofia. Hopefully, in the future Sofia will be around a bit more.  As for now, well…that’s enough for now.



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