Darn that SO!!!!

Once again, Darling SO is right!!  Trim your damn wicks, people!!!  Mind out of gutter. Return. I have been making candles for a few days and SO would come home to an apt filled with foggy smoke. SO would yelp and cry, but would I listen? Nope! HAHAHAHAAH!!! Wrong again! I just looked that shit up. Trimming your wicks every time you burn a candle does indeed create a better, more fulfilling burning process. Less smoke, less buildup of the carbony shyte that creates the smoke, and possibly, a more even burn. I made that last one up. but it sounds good,no?  there is also the type of wax and diameter of candle that needs to be considered in order to properly wick one.

Anyway, I made one candle this morning. I used one of the Bath & Body Works containers, 3 ECO 14 wicks , two old black candles, a dash of an old red candle, some jasmine, amber, and one other scent, can’t remember the name, but they all have other shyte in them. Stuff like orange, and lemon. What I want, and will have to get is straight fragrance. There has to be JUST amber, you know?

Anyway, SO was right, again. Trim your wicks, folks!


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