The Bad Transition Test

Hi there, this is your doctor.  I’m pleased to say your transition is now complete!  Unfortunately, we made some mistakes and now you’re rather disfigured and – to use the medical term – freakishly ugly.  But at least you’re a woman now, so that’s something… right?”

Again, what are you feelings here?  This question could be rephrased as “what’s worse – being a handsome cis-male or an ugly trans-woman?”  I mean, obviously no one *WANTS* to be ugly, but is your desire to transition strong enough to override the consequences should it all go (if you’ll forgive the pun) tits-up?  Again, this helps put the strength of your feelings, and compares those feelings to the level of risk.  Remember, transition absolutely *CAN* go badly wrong in the real world.  Hormones can have unexpected effects, surgeons can make big mistakes and unforeseen complications can arise that can leave you hideously disfigured.  Fortunately these things tend to be the exception rather than the rule, but they are still a possibility.  Can you live with the consequences, should the worst happen?  Are your desires to transition strong enough to make those risks ones worth taking?


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