The Desert Island Quiz

So you were on a cruise ship, a once-in-a-lifetime trip around the world, when tragedy struck and the ship hit a reef and sank Titanic-style.  You made it off the ship and several weeks later you wash up on the shore of a desert island in the middle of nowhere.  You’re all alone with exactly zero hope of rescue, but fortunately there’s enough food (etc) on the island to keep you going the rest of your life.

After being on the island a few days, several trunks of possessions from the sunken ship wash up on shore, all containing an assortment of male and female clothing, makeup etc.  The question – what do you wear?

This question once again helps strip away societal pressures and asks if you were all by yourself, who would you be?  This question also helps get to the bottom of how important presentation is to you.  Be careful in your interpretation here though – maybe you say “well actually I’d prefer male clothes”.  Does that mean you’re not trans?  No, not necessarily.  It might just be that you are trans, but presentation is simply not all that important to you, and with no one around to present to, you may go for the more practical and arguably comfortable “male” clothing (I mean, climbing a palm tree in a skirt and heels is no easy task lol!).  This question instead simply digs down to how important presentation is to you, rather than if you’re trans or not.  Maybe you’re a cis-gendered male who likes to cross-dress?  In which case presentation will likely be extremely important.  Maybe you’re a trans female?  In which case the presentation might be somewhat important to begin with, but maybe it fades over time as you start to feel it doesn’t really matter as much as actually being yourself.  Perhaps you’re more non-binary, and like to mix it up from day to day.  You get the idea :)

It’s also worth pointing out that medical transition would be next to impossible on a desert island, so this can be twisted into a variant of the Never Ever Test if you want a slightly different angle on it :)


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