The Never Ever Test

“Hi there, I’m your doctor and I regret to inform you that we have just found you have a rare and previously undiagnosed condition called Cisgenderism.  This means you can never ever transition – *EVER*.  Even wearing clothes makeup etc of the opposite sex, acting in any way like the opposite sex etc will result in debilitating pain and eventually death”

How does that make you feel?  Did you just shrug your shoulders and say “meh, that’s a shame but whatever”? Or did it feel like the bottom of your world just fell out?  Perhaps its some shade of grey between those two extremes.

While the Morpheus Test helps get to the bottom *what* you want, this test helps get to the bottom of how much you want it.  If you were *FORCED* into a direction due to circumstances outside your control, how strongly would you feel about it?

Note, it can also be useful to flip this around and rephrase it to say that you can never ever be cis-gendered and you *MUST* transition.


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