Coming Out

Oh Ma Gah the drama behind coming out is too intense. I have been on Susans a lot lately reading stuff, and now I’m thinking what my sisters are going to say?  One of them is bi so she is part of the fam. Doesn’t mean she will accept teh trans in any way. There are some vicious womyn out there who do not get down with the trans at all. Check the spelling if you do not know what or whom I’m referencing.  So, just because she’s bi does not mean she will be overjoyed with the thought of having another sister. It will be an interesting dynamic, indeed. The other one, well, I’m not so sure about her. Honestly, she could go either way; it would surprise me, though, if she was super accepting. And I don’t know about her husband, my brother in law. Oh yeah, and their two young boys. Hmmmmm….welp, let’s hope for the best. But I don’t plan on coming out to them anytime soon. Probably the bi sis over the other first. I almost told bi sis several years ago. As it turns out she was dating the same person she is now. Funny how thing don’t really change…

Anyway, I suspect sis with family will take it harder. But who knows? I should work on keeping an open mind, so that those who will disappoint me will not do it by blindsiding me. In the same vein, I should be ready and able to take a deserved compliment.

Work calls me even now…


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