Bright Blessings this early Imbolc morning! No word on whether our friend the groundhog has made an appearance yet. Also known as Candlemas, St Bride’s Day, St. Brigid’s Day, this is clearly a  day of celebration of the Goddess Brigid. Imbolc, as one of the four fire festivals, along with the solstices and equinoxes make up the wheel of the year. For Wiccans, the new year is Oct 31/Nov1. So this is technically the third holiday of this year after the solstice and Samhain. Also, this is is supposed to be the first, tiny strains of springtime poking around. Right now, with the weather so warm, it certainly feels like Spring is right around the corner. But don’t let this warm weather trick you. I anticipate so colder weather headed our way. We won’t get off that easily.  This is the day, however, whence the rebirth of the Sun is to be honored, so let’s get outside and get some Vit D! Well, if it’s not raining.

Incidentally, this is also the day that SO and I were initiated into our BTW tradition. But we don’t really fux with BTW much anymore. Still, it is a legacy and an honor. An extreme honor when one thinks about it.

Oh yeah, that was an extremely brief introduction to Imolc. You can find more info on the webz.


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