Some possible steps

  1. Electrolysis – has to be done, at least on the face and neck. This place, is supposed to be really good, both with darker skin pigments and trans issues. So, it looks like I know where the pain will begin, hhahahhahaha. That upper lip area, I’m already dreading it. Ouch!!!
  2.  Vocal training –  pain in the ass but necessary so I am not talking in head space and falsetto all the time. I should be able to find something somewhere online. Or an app. Yeah, an app! And mucho practice. Friend 1 mentioned something about girls growing up to talk like the Kardashians!!!  NEGATORY!!!!!!  That will not be happening. I’ve forgotten male and female ranges since 3 years ago, but it will come back fast.
  3. Assembling an outfit to where to meet with Eli or to step out, in general. SO, are you ready for all the prying eyes? Shouldn’t be anything new. But yeah, something black with a black sweater, leggings(Torrid has some excellent choices), and from there I’ll have to wing it. Docs will work, though. At some point, I am going to have to think about women’s shoes and how next to impossible it will be for me to get hippity hoppity style choices. The curse of the the monster feet (SHUDDDUUUPPPPP, SO!)!
  4. Coming out to more people. Definitely Friends 3 and 4 are right around the corner. We have a friend coming in town, maybe I will tell her in person. Somehow, after the shock, I don’t think she will be too shocked. We’ll see. As far as the family goes, I am avoiding any lgbt issues like the plague. My wounded pride that someone would make fun of the struggle I’ve had to go through my whole life  —–  wait  — but, I didn’t really struggle. I mean, I can see some cause and effect, some because of this, then this; thankfully, i have never really struggled with body dysmorphia and any illness related to that. Well, hardcore, any way. I’m not talking about the Woe is me days. No, I’m talking about the days with the knives and scissors.  Everything is relative, mes amies.  Maybe I’m like the Silver Surfer. **Interlude** I know nothing about the Silver Surfer  **  maybe since I got slapped with bipolar disorder and crohn’s disease, the hardcore body issue not showing up is a minor miracle.

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