Renewals and Therapissy, II.

Renewals:   Yay!!! whilehavingtea is 1 year old. Some growing pains, obviously. What started out as a tea and other meandering thoughts blog, has turned into a trans*ition-focused bloggy blog. I think there will be more of a balance as the year progresses. More meandering thoughts. Oh yeah, back on topic.   Renewed for another year today.  Hopefully, this year will see many more words upon these pages. So that’s that.


Therapissy, II.:  HAHAHAHAA no pissy, just therapy.  I love the name therapissy though, and will use it for my therapy sessions. This is actually therapy session 3 with B.  Good guy – I think we are still feeling each other out. This will be a process, and a long one at that.  We are friendly, and moving towards a good working relationship. That’s good. B is an actual gender therapist. None of this lgbt(meaning lgb) bs. An actual gender therapist. So he will call me out on my shit, and applaud my successes, and hopefully, all this will result in a letter for hrt with world famous endocrinologist Vin Tangpricha. Apparently, this guy is the shit, and has a waiting list. He is also high up on the boards of WPath (Chief something – yeah,  I’m that lazy right now) So this is a good thing, in regards to my bipolar and crohn’s medications and possible interactions. I mean, a general physician could prob handle it, but when you got the best, why not go with the best – unless, it is cost-prohibitive. And that could be a problem…


What are you birds talking bout?



A few days ago, I had my first out-and-out shopping experience with other people for the first time. WOW!!!   That was pretty quick!  And, surprisingly, not in any way awkward. We planned on going to several thrift stores, then hit up a place called Lost N Found, an lgbt youth shelter with a thrift store. Instead, we did the opposite, and started at Lost n Found. SO came along for the journey, so we popped into Lost n Found and found our party already there and pushing through the racks of clothing. We greeted, made some small talk, then started pushing through the racks.  The girls started offering suggestions immediately, and I had to start swatting things away left and right. Eventually though, we started landing on clothing that I would like. So we picked several shirts, blouses, and the like.  I was all ready to go pay, until I received the directive to try the clothing on. I was like uh uh! I don’t even like to try on clothes at Kohl’s. I certainly didn’t want to try on clothing at Lost n found. A good reason, however, had me in one of the two fitting rooms. And, of course, I had to come out to model the clothing for my audience. Now, you would think this would have made me really nervous, and it did, in a tiny way. I think it was because the first shirt I tried obviously did not fit me correctly. From that point on, though, there was nothing weird. I had trusted people around me helping me make important decisions. My tribe is my tribe. And it will continue to grow. I want to thank, again, all involved for making it so effortless and easy peasy(How you like them apples, SO?).  And if I remember correctly, I wasn’t the only one to pick up some clothing that day!;)


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