Progress is hard

♥That kind of says it all. Well, not really. Let’s talk, not about physical progress; not mental progress either. This is more that type of progress after coming out to people. Initially, it’s all stars and rainbows OR it’s all gtfo of my face and never talk to me again.There are some lukewarm answers, as well. Can’t leave them out. After a certain pizzoint, though, it begins to get a little uncomfortable, like the white elephant is really not there, or at least is not really all that big. Teeny tiny, in fact.

Anyway, this is when I have to realize that I have had more time than any of these people to process this cursed affliction, this rot on human existence. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL okay not really that bad, but I do know that I have had a lifetime to kind figure things out, and I am still tweaking things herre and therre.

So, I understand if anyone has questions, feels any frustration with lack of information, exclusion, or anything that I can store in my head and crunch through for years but expect you peeps to pickup in a month or two. HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAA silly Sofia:).♥

Let me know if I am all up in my head. My mouth will open.. AND YOU ALL WILL BE SORRY!!!!!  MWUHHHAAAHHHAHHHAHHHAH!!!!

Seriously, though…


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