Back when SO and I were going through initiation into the witch cult, one thing kept on smacking me in the face. I never said anything to SO; indeed, I’ve never said this to anyone. But after a moment, it will be obvious to SO, at least. Through all the research and reading and meditation and energy work and ritual and hanging and drinking and smoking and shooting the shit, I pretty quickly came to the conclusion that I would rather have been a High Priestess over the High Priest. I’ve always gravitated towards goddess-centric belief, if there is one to be had. I most definitely would have had high priestess syndrome or HPS.  Fairuza Balk in The Craft does a pretty good impression. You know, that one person whacked out on the magicks and shit.

End Ramble:

Just a thought I had and wanted to record it. Maybe I will revisit this time period later to see if I can mine anymore gems.


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