Welcome To The Wonderful World Of CrossDressing

It seems kind of crazy that I have never fully xdressed. For some reason, I guess I associated it with a perversion bordering on sickness. It didn’t help that during my first group therapy session at Ridgeview, one of the guys was there, in part, to try to break his need to wear women’s clothing while getting off. I was like, “Shake it off!”…nah, really, I was like”Dude”. I never wanted to be associated with that lifestyle. It just wasn’t my scene, baby.

Throughout my teens,twenties, and thirties, I have variously worn various pieces of women’s accouterments. Whether it be a skirt here and there, bangles and bracelets up and down my arms, rings and other jewelry, purses, and to a lesser extent, shirts and blouses. The reason for that is that there were not many of my friends whose shirts or blouses I could wear. I never went shopping back then. Like I mentioned in a previous post, my first shopping experience was recently at  Lost n Found.

After the electrologist consult (thanks SO for coming with!), and after some grub with the rents, I headed home and straight for the closet. Rifling through SOs things, I was having a hard time finding something to try.  Finally, after digging through piles of clothing, I stumbled upon this black  3/4 length dress. It has skulls and roses stitched into the fabric. No sleeves – my arms were really cold – thin straps on top, with a little cut out on the back above the bra strap. It is a mad dope dress!  Being that I am eternally stuck in my riotgothgirl stage, I paired it with black stockings and my cherry-oxblood-Iooking docs.  I  came with 10 minutes of throwing black jeans on and heading out the door.  Probably for the best, but damn – I was styling genderfucking and profiling! lol.

That’s really kinda it for this story. First experience. No make up yet. SO will be helping with that. What a fun couple of hours though!


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