Slowly continuing the evolution of  Ze Frog is another first!  Makeup! Yeppers! I know, you’re like, “Makeup? What’s the big deal”?  Well, mes amies, the big deal is who bought the makeup. SO slapped down the makeup on the counter and said “Go for it!” Had a close shave(as close as I can get) but had to take care of shit today. I had to wait until 8pm to try a bit of the CC cream on one side of my face for comparison. Also, the lip balm was slicked on. It doesn’t taste good. That will have to be rectified because blech! yuck!

The CC did not suit my skin tone, says SO. Too much green. Made me look like a frog for rizzeal, she said. Hateful! hahahahha none of that actually happened. Well, the too green for my skin tone part is true. So, on to the next kind! fun fun funmakeup


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