So that we all remember that we are well-rounded people, I’m going to talk about something other than transition(check the back posts about what I said about grammar and such. This is my world, ahahahahahahaha) bizzlesnitches!

Anywho – nah, I’m not going there!

This wonderful morning I want to talk obsession. Specifically, mine. I am obsessing over two things right now, and not for the first time. Music and Words. Alright, those are two big things to obsess over but I can’t help myself.  Thanks to Friend 2, I am now a Spotify addict. Poor SO has been getting aurally blown out for a minute!;-)   I am like a fiend. I am fiending. Even now, I am like that damn dog. Bell = Salivation.  For ein Soph, Sofia Elizabeth (Here’s looking at you Jane) Howard Lenox-Burton will have a special attachment to a good grove!  My parents started young with us. We had an excellent and well-rounded childhood. I told SO something earlier this year. Hopefully she will hold me to it. But I’ve got a little bit of fyre left in my gut  —   wait! that’s my acid reflux. I’ve got meds for that.  Back to the music.  It’s like I need to have it with me wherever I go. Damn, I listened to the fucking Disney channel for !months!  Now, with Spotify, I have so much music and not enough hours in the day to dedicate to it.

My other obsession goes hand-in-mf-in-hand with music; Words are beginning to slay me again. I consider this a good thing since I am being med-compliant,  like a good little demigirl. But damn, The Lorax had me deep in thought and with handfuls of kleenex(poetic liscense), snotty and stained wet with my tears. And forget about poetry. Somebody, anybody put together some words to slay me. I believe each and every one of you has that capability.

I am a lover of flow and atmosphere. SO will probs tune this out because I tend to go on rants and raves, verbal manifestos, if you will, about flow and how the atmosphere is affected by it.  I am, and by extension, you all too, getting older and thinking about keeping the flow swirling in the right patterns to create this atmosphere of family, of love, and of trust.  hmm…we all deserve that, at the very least…

Sorry, I am not reading what I’m writing. I hope the FLOW is satisfactory hahahahahaha!!!!!  Anyway, words and music are my porn…besides my actual porn, ya dig? 

I am going to sign off with a quote. I don’t remember the author but it is as follows:

                   They must find it difficult, those who have taken Authority as truth, rather than Truth
as Authority.

Now, that’s what I call a pen drop!





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