Stumbling and Tripping

over words which sounds wonderful inside my head but look horrid on the page.  I need to break this funk so what I’m going to do is just write. Not in any chronological order(maybe it will turn out that way), but just do enough to get these thoughts out. Maybe then they can stop swimming in my brain.

So where to start.  Well, I had my most recent therapissy visit this week. It went extremely well, and my therapist gave me the first letter, i.e. I have crossed the threshold of the first gate.  There are two letters one must obtain if one wants hrt/testosterone. The first is an introduction of sorts between the two treating physicians. The second letter comes when therapissy decides one is ready for the irreversible nature of taking this type of medication.  It has more to do with understanding what this next step involves. It is a big step, and should be treated as such. But f that, give me the magic beans bitch!  So therapissy tells me that there is a 9 month waiting list and he thinks I will be ready by then. hahahaha we’re gonna move that up 2-3 months. Aug-Sept is a good time to start.  There are ducks that need to be put properly in a row before hrt, though, so I should use this time wisely.

That’s it for now…fuque


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