Poetry month is coming up in April. A poem a day posted to FB, and possibly some of my own shite.  Now keep in mind I’m an artist, and I’m sensitive about my shit. This is part of The Jaden Chronicles, and really doesn’t have much to do with Jaden.  I just started this series when he was born.  It is probably time to starrt updating the Chronicles again now that he is 17.

EDIT:  This is from the 90’s.  Ah, angst, my dear friend!  I have, under poetic license, edited the work a bit. Enjoy!

Last night I said I was gonna drink
And I did until I was drunk
But I decided to skip the skunk
Damn- senses overwhelmed
by the scents blowing from the incences
Full of peach and plum essence
I stepped outside to let
the cold breeze cool my countenance.

Time for bed and
my senseless dreams
speak truth through my third eye
I wake, then bake,
Outside to look at the sky
Cool air greets me as I stare directly
into that star so bright
As I think on the events that occurred last night
I can’t help but believing that I missed something crucial
Some internal and eternal truth –
No don’t rush it, don’t push it
When the time is right
My third eye will explode with color and reflection
and then, and only then, will I have passed the first lesson.
To the rest of this imperfect life.

And now, it’s night again
The lust for the finer things
rivals Lestat’s love and lust for blood and little boys and girls to taste
I will go through this night, exploring the realms of my mind
Using only candles and wine.


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