Fuck HAIR!!!!!

I am not Wolverine, but damn; fuck hair!!!  It is going to be around 100-130 hours to remove the hair on my face and neck(I think). And electrolysis is expensive. 100+ a session(usually an hour).  But I want to go to the best, and the best for tpoc is Mishael’s.  So that is where I will spend a fortune.  Shite, man…

Plus, pain – yeah, give me more pain!!  Can’t wait until they start on the upper lip. Supposedly they give you numbing cream but I’ve heard that it doesn’t do dick. So time to pull up the big girl shorts and get that upper lip’s hair yanked follicle from pesky little follicle until I no longer have to shave!!! Now that would be grand!  More later…

Edit:  If any of you girls are reading this and have already had electrolysis, feel free to leave a comment with your experiences.


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