After having a minor meltdown and some squelching dysphoria, I think I have come to a sensible  – I can see the mountain – type of action regarding the cost of removing the hair from the face.

Since shaving, I have had more stress over shaving than ever. So I need to start soon. And the way I’m gonna do it is slowly. Very slowly. Like a couple of years, less if I come into money(Insurance policy on SO????) JK  I kid I kid hahahahahahaha

But reading about all these girls and how long, not to mention, how expensive this process is I have settled down a bit. A peace has settled over Longbourne.  Except for the shaving!!!!! which i fucking hate!!!  Even without transition, I would have considered hair removal on the neck and side of face. Because, once again kiddos, shaving is shite!!

The plan: yeah, pretty simple. twice a month at the least, but twice a month. Bring on the pain. Except the upper lip. I’m scurred  about the upper lip…


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