Therapissy #5? Couples Edition

So, therapissy #5  happened recently, and as the title mentions, the SO came with me for this session.  She got to meet my therapist and he her, so that made me happy.

SO did extremely well with the pronouns, not even one tiny little misstep!  She has also been boning up on her trans knowledge, so I think she felt more comfortable than if she had gone in without any of the self-learnin’ she’s been doing.

There were a number of topics that therapist wanted to discuss, and I felt that all three of us were on the same page in regards to my treatment plan, and all the questions therapist had for SO were answered satisfactorily. In addition, SO said some things that will not be shared here that lets me know she is in it for the long haul. Thick or Thin, and all that good stuff. Therapist told us to expect to lose most of our friends; explained that friends and family sometimes have the hardest time making the transition, so-to-speak from seeing former guy as girl.  I wonder how many friends I will end up with?  Let me check my schedule…

All in all, a wonderful session. SO was, and is, absolutely wonderful. She proves herself over and over, not that she has to. Okay, enough about her. I did dress for the appt. as I will from now on. I have to start building some sort of wardrobe. Luckily, therapissy sessions are once a month, so in the beginning it will be easy. Harder, of course, when I start presenting in public a little, until I have enough girl clothes to go a while, while also keeping some guy clothing to fall back on. I often read of girls who say this, then end up getting rid of all their male clothes after the realization that those clothes are part of what is keeping them from  expressing themselves truly.  I don’t know, I call b.s.  Keeping some clothes does not signify that I am a boy. It just means I like the way they look, fit, and feel. So, I think I am going to keep some.

Oh, one of the things to come out of therapissy#5 was that I needed to call the Endo to set up my appointment for hrt.   When I called the lady told me that my Endo (dr. vin tangpricha) was booked solid until Dec!!!  WtF!?  DECEMBER!!??  But I took the appointment, disheartened that my wait would be extended. It’s not like you go to see the endo and he hands you hormones. I’m sure there will be several meetings before I get the scripts. Plus, I need to get the second letter from therapist (Dr. Eli Budd) before Endo will prescribe hrt. So we are looking at some months. OH! I know what  I meant to write: the scheduler called me back and said she made a mistake. Dr Tangpricha is now scheduled in a different way, and his secretary would call me with a date.  About an hour later, the secretary calls with a new date: June 17 (3 months from today). AWESOME POSSUM!!!!  Let’s get the ball rolling. i do, however, need to get on my electrolysis grind. I’m already going to run into problems on that end, but I have to persevere. Gotta get the hair off my face.

So, that’s it for now.  The last post was the makeup post.   SO helped by showing some tricks of the trade. I still am an extreme amateur when it comes to makeup so I will have to step up my practicing, which means to say I should start, lol.  Dispatch over.

One more thing: SO said something I will never, ever forget during our session. It was beautiful and I don’t think there was a dry eye. I will ALWAYS remember that feeling. It was all consuming love, pure and simple. And it was beautiful.



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