Moving Ahead with Ahoova

Hello Friends!!

Some quick, but exciting news, at least for me!! I scheduled my first electrolysis appointment. I am going to Mishael’s because they have a reputation for being good with tpoc and our skin issues. So, as I told one of my friends earlier, bring on the pain!  #feeltheburn!!

SO and I spoke with Ahoova some months ago during our consultation.  I thought she said that it would be two-hour sessions, twice a month at the least. But when I scheduled today, she said it would only be an hour.  Well, good I guess. Saves me money now, but not in the long run, as I might spend it on something else.  I have no discipline. But when you have none, you have nowhere to go but up. And that’s the only plus on that issue.  Maybe I should see if I can pay in advance for some sessions. I’m sure I can do that! Anyway, one hour on Thursday, probably to assess how much of a pain tolerance I have. I think it is a little higher than average; really, I’m a wuss when it comes to pain, so maybe an hour is perfect.

That’s it for now.  I have to let the hair grow on my face for several days. That doesn’t bother me now,  but I can see how it would be a pain in the ass when having to do a RLE type of thing. Dsyphoria and all.  For all you non-trans readers(which is probably all of you;  or none of you, as no one actually reads this) the dysphoria from not shaving during RLE is this:  RLE= Real Life Experience i.e. get your ass out of the house and live life as your true and chosen gender. That, in and of itself, is pretty frightening when you think about it. I mean, definitely not passing(not getting into that argument right now) but having to dress outside of the house.  I’m not sure if this is required anymore, but my therapist continually stresses that he follows the SOC. Anyway, scary to not be on hrt and have to go around town so on and so forth. I am sensing…anyway more on that later.   Update on Thursday or Friday about the electrolysis appointment. Peace out, yo!!


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