Quick Pronoun Update: SHE/HER TIME

Three times in one day, huh?  Well, damn! Anyway, let’s talk pronouns.  So now, Friends, most of the first wave has been told. It has been a while.  Let’s start trying to orient our minds to Sofia she/her or they/them for names and pronouns.  A little game that helps me is that every time you think of me or come across my name, picture me in your mind. Associate, in your mind, me with Sophia. Then, do it in a live action sequence.  I promise I won’t make a big deal of it on the spot, but inside, I’ll probably squee a little.  Then back to normal life, hahahaha.

It will be hardest for you all, my Friends, to think of me as Sofia, and that sucks for y’all(It has taken SO five.5 years to get them right, and she is not consistent(sorry, love)).  But she is trying, and that’s what matters, atm. I’m sorry for that. But hopefully you all can find a way to associate old boy name with new girl name.  Wow, this must be much harder for Cis peeps to understand.  I’m thinking about it now, and it is tricky terrain. But you all know that I am trans, and that I am transitioning. There will come a time where it will be essential for you all to use the correct name/pronouns. I hope that we all make it out of this together…

And on that note, lol…BYE!!!




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