Meeting The Kids – Part Deux

Recently, I had the opportunity to meet, for the second time, the kids of one of my friends. Those kids have known me as my male since time began for them, and since they are only tater tots, that timeline hasn’t been very long.  Both me and the mom and dad felt it would be  a good idea to reintroduce myself as Sofia, complete with dress. Kids, especially young kids, are malleable. Mostly because they are pure and haven’t had the chance to be corrupted yet.  It allows them to believe in unicorns and dragons with faery wings.  Accordingly, after a time, this purity will allow them to always see me as Sofia.  And that, my friends, is a beautiful thing. And it goes to show that all we, as adults, really need to do is say, “Fuck all!” I wanna be a kid again!” hahahaha.  Okay now that can’t happen but my point is that if adults were to act more like young kids, maybe we would have this issue in NC or 10-15 trans people already dead this year. Fuck.


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