Electrology Is A Pain In My Neck!

Seriously, today’s session was hardcore.  As in painful.  Ahoova was just coddling me in those first couple of sessions. Now it’s on like Donkey Kong. And I now know that it will only get worse.  I think she started out on the least sensitive area of the neck during the first sessions. Today, we got to the inside of the neck, and under the chin. Not close to the chin; rather, on the Adams apple area.  I was swallowing hard with the burning of each follicle.  I couldn’t sit still and kept squirming.  I am going to have to get some type of pain medication. Hydros or percs or something, because damn!  I know beauty is pain but fuque, if it was this painful today, well that does not bode well for future sessions!  Maybe I was just off my game. I don’t know…

At any rate, I scheduled my next appt for 2 weeks from now. I needed a break.  Both my neck, and my purse.  Removing hair is not cheap!  Ouch!!! I just thought about the chest.  Damn, what if I ever have GCS(not currently a thought)?? For those that do have gcs, they get to have hair removed from the genital area.  Ouch!!!!  So that’s it for right now.  I am going to find an ice pack or two for my swollen neck.  Bye frieds! Sip vigorously, and on something a mite(might)? stronger than tea!!


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