Poor Electro Session

Well, it is 2:30 AM and I have had time to let some of the swelling go down and…meh.  I  see more hair than I’d like.  SO pointed it out earlier but I couldn’t see it until now.  Ahoova did ask me, for the next session, to wait 3 days without shaving prior to the appointment.  I think the two days without shaving didn’t allow enough time for the hair to grow in on the Adams apple and surrounding area.  So what happened was a lot of ouchies but not great results.  I will be more prepared for the pain next session.  We are gonna rock the fuque out of this hair!!  But this session seems like a waste. Okay, not a waste, but a let down.  I was expecting more after last sessions work; this is not to say that Ahoova didn’t do her part. Nope, that was all me. Squirming coil and all that.  So any waste will have to be on my part. The electro can go only as fast as the hair, and the patient, is willing. Quickly, what I mean is that if I give it three days to let the hair grow longer, and get in the correct head space with some meditation, and possibly some medication, I think Ahoova will be able to clear more hair faster. TTFN!


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