Transition In This Climate


This is kind of how I feel about right now.  Pretty bad position to be in. I don’t want to die because of this shit but I don’t wanna die over this shit, ya know I’m saying?  Well, my dysphoria is no longer at disturbingly intense levels, and that is in large part to my family and friends(who are family too). SO has been wonderful, as usual. I need to be better with SO. I’m not trying to take SO for granted!

With all the slack-jawed yokels coming out of the woodwork, and all this restroom hoohah, it’s no wonder my Crohn’s-having ass would get assaulted while on an emergency bathroom run! You know, right now it’s no big deal. I can still use the guys bathroom without worry. But what will happen when, or if, I hit male fail? Male fail, I assume, are those first few times where one is gendered accordingly and correctly for the first few times. It may not be consistent, but it will happen. Hopefully by then all this nonesense will have passed over like a bad storm. Just like my paranoia.


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