About Last Night

Correction: about yesterday.  So and I went to a Friend’s house for an afternoon get together. This is the outfit SO and I cobbled together. So did my makeup and lips, so I looked the best I could considering…

I don’t like in between stages for hair growth on my head. Hell, I hate it on my face too. For the longest time, it was – if you can’t beat them, join them – regarding my facial hair. Now, I want it all gone, with no worry about having to shave again.

The afternoon was great! Before heading over to Friend’s house, we stopped at Virtue and Vice to stretch my lobes, which were not ready.  More jojoba oil and massages will help me get to 2g within 3 weeks. Also, I had to pick up a retainer for my septum, as I need a professional head shot for Linkedin. Sucks. Already lost the retainer while sleeping…

So, that’s it for now. Sip slowly, friends!




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