Electro Upate

From here on out electro will  be short for electrolysis, electrologist, That may and anything having to do with this subject.

And now a few words before my gastro appointment:  I miss the plucking of my hairs. It has  only been two or three weeks in a row, but without a session scheduled this week, I’m like, “damn, I actually miss my electro session”. That may be because it has been some days, and I have forgotten the pain of having each hair killed at the root.

That’s it. Told you it would be short.  TTFN


2 thoughts on “Electro Upate

  1. I think I missed the lady after my electro but I don’t think I would ever say I miss the actual appointment and procedure, but I’m glad you liked it :). Luckily laser was very generous to me which made things considerably faster.

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