Therapissy #? An Update

Not sure which therapissy appt this is. Maybe 5 or 6.  Me and Dr. Therapist are getting  along well.  He didn’t know about my current employment situation, so we went over that. He offered some encouraging words as to taking my side of events as truth, which was nice.  I didn’t feel like I just got myself fired, you know?!  I was then explaining to him how busy the end of May through most of June will be pretty busy for us. An explanation for this was needed. When he heard Dr Tangpricha’s name, his ears pricked up. Yup! My endo appointment is in June. June 17, to be precise.  Dr. Therapissy, however, decided to rain on my parade by telling me that WPATH  is meeting in Amsterdam that same weekend!! FUCK!!!  Holy cow! I’m glad this was told close to the end of the session. I certainly couldn’t think of anything else without the tint of hrt covering it.

Dr. Therapissy knows this info because he is attending the same event in Amsterdam. Now, It is entirely possible that Dr. Tangpricha will not be going to Amsterdam(dobtful) or that he will catch a later flight or leave early on Saturday morning(more likely, crosses fingers and toes).  Anyway, all of this means that my next appointment with Dr Therapissy will be a letter writing event! Yay!!! yep, Dr Therapisssy will be writing my hrt letter, so that Dr. Tangpricha has a licensed therapists signing off that I am of sound mind an body, and am willing to accept the risks and rewards that come with starting an hrt regimen.  My original appointment was in November, but there was a cancellation, thank the gods.  There is a girl I talked to, and she has an appointment with Dr. Tangpricha in JANUARY !!!!  Hopefully, hers will be moved up too. People on this path don’t want to be told they have to wait another 6-8 months just to see the endo.  The letter only guarantees a foot in the door. It does not make the endo prescribe hormones. Still, knowing that I’ve made it to this step is great news for me ~ says the girl who backs out of everything~. But not this, I’m not backing out of hrt.  I will be grinning from ear to ear on June 17!

I may go in more into the therapissy session someday soon, I may not. For me, the most exciting thing is the letter, and my therapist feeling that I am ready to take on this next challenge.

My next thought: Should I dresss for the endo appointment?  Will that curry me favor  and a sort of “she is ready” mentality by Dr. Tangpricha?  You know something else I just thought of: What if I don’t see Dr. Tangpricha at all. What if I see a resident or some new type of person. Well that would suck. But I do believe that anyone who works with Dr. Tangpricha has to competent and understanding.

So yeah, another disjointed, and quick post.  I’m sure you can tell that I am a *write when inspired* type of person. That leads to sloppy and poor writing, I know.  Gotta get back to that everyday thing.   TTFN. Gotta get a cuppa!


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